Pirate Life is an active member of the arts community in Toronto. We invite artists to bring their own show and use our space for free! We also partner with artists to co-produce works and create more unique floating arts experiences!


At the Dock

Bring your own show and use the Pirate Ship for free! Our venue is a great opportunity to showcase your work outdoors in a space that is completely free!

Available May to October, nightly from 6pm.

L.L.B.O available!



Take advantage of our ridiculously low artist rates to charter the boat and program a sailing performance!

A new initiative piloted in 2017 to rave success! A unique experience for your patrons and the added value of a sunset cruise allows the artist a higher admission and therefore a higher revenue!

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Pirate Life is Children's Theatre with a seasonal attendance of 10 000 patrons from May to October.

We're looking to partner with enthusiastic artists and producers to produce works for young audiences together on our venue!

Let's make some art!