Birthday Party & Field Trip

pirate life centre island birthday party


Celebrating a birthday? Join our crew for a birthday party your children will never forget! 
Book your crew aboard the pirate ship & search for sunken treasure on centre island

We have a BBQ that can be rented for $50, bring your own grub and cook away!
Also available plates/cups/cutlery at $15 for the lot!

All Birthday Party packages include costumes, face paint, pirate names for crew and adventure on the pirate ship!

The show/adventure is 1.5 hours, (1 hour boat cruise)

Loot bags available $5 each - contents include souvenir bandana and pirate eyepatch with earring for the kids to wear during the adventure!


10 tickets
for Pirate Life, of which at least two must be adults! You and your guests join us for the regular cruise, the captain and crew offer special attention to your birthday pirate, and we celebrate with song and dance hurrah! 

*there are 30 other tickets available on the sail; your party will be with other passengers.

Quartermaster's Birthday
20 tickets for Pirate Life, of which at least 5 must be adults you and your guests join us for the regular cruise, the captain and crew offer special attention to your birthday pirate, and we celebrate with song and dance hurrah! 

*there are 20 other tickets available on the sail; your party will be with other passengers.

Captain's Birthday Party!
A private rental with 40 tickets for Pirate Life, of which at least 10 adults! You and your guests join us for a private pirate party and cruise! The captain and crew offer special attention to your birthday pirate and all your guests, we celebrate with song and dance. You have the boat to your selves with the Captain and crew at your service. 

Book a Birthday Party


1. Set a meeting time for your crew/guests at 333 Lakeshore Blvd East, Toronto.

2. Sign in at Pirate Life at scheduled time for costumes, face paint and pirate names.

3. Sail the seas in search of sunken treasure! We'll sing happy birthday to your shipmate in pirate fashion, have a nice pirate birthday present for your child and haul up the loot!

4. Join us at our picnic tables, rent our bbq, order pizza and cake, bring your own supplies! Let us know how we can help!


Summer Camp Excursions 

Join the crew and search for sunken treasure! A fun adventure for your weekly field trips as your adventurers become buccaneers and learn the ropes of a pirate's life!

Face paint, costumes, pirate names and more as we fire the water cannons to fend of villainous foe!

Fill out the form beside or contact us for more information!

1.5 hour adventure with cruise $17 per person
1 hour adventure with cruise $12 per person

Cancelations policy

Cancelations are accepted 1 month from date of booking. After which cancelations are less deposit. within one week of the adventure cancelations are subject to the discretion of pirate life and bookings are accountable for the full balance.

This policy is based on a limited capacity and reserving spots for a group restricts us from booking others and we sell out every summer.

Educational Field Trips

Pirate Life has built it's programming to match the Ontario Curriculum on a variety of subjects, not limiting to social science, history, arts, science and mathematics.

Our team has an array of outlines for lesson plans that we are constantly developing with teachers like yourselves to maximize a child's learning and experience in and out of the classroom.

As an end of the year field trip Pirate Life offers the students an opportunity to practice what they've learned in class, to actively engage and experience being a part of a period production in exploring their creativity.

Programming can occur on is island or at Harbourfront Centre board the vessels of Toronto Brigantine.

**should you have a group of 15+ we can open a sail for you any day of the week! 

Contact us for more information. 416-476-3836.

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Cruising Toronto's Harbour is a great way to get out of the office, celebrate a strong quarter, reward accomplishment or simply have some fun. Our vessel is first and foremost a venue to rent, you can simply cruise and explore the inner harbour and Toronto Islands or we can bring our crew and animate/entertain a competition style workshop/team building activity which will be sure to have your crew laughing and enjoy themselves, building bonds and memories, growing together as a team.

Activities include:
1. Bands of buccaneers and pirate competition
2. Costumes, tattoos, pirate nick names
3. Storytelling, improv, wits and presentations
4. Cannon Fire & Fodder
5. Booty - Drop off at Upper Deck Bar on Toronto Island Marina for some grub and bevvy or two!

After an adventure cruise, we can arrange for catering or an alternative venue at the Upper Deck, a local restaurant and pub at the Toronto Island Marina where your crew can be pampered with food and beverage.

Please contact us for details 416-476-3836




The vessel and crew can be rented on a per hour basis as per your needs for: 

Private party
Bachelorette/bachelor parties etc.

The vessel is 45 feet in length by 12 feet wide with a capacity of 40 passengers with 3 staff aboard.

For larger groups we arrange several departures during the day with more on shore entertainment! We've held events with groups of over 150 people!

Please contact the captain and crew to discuss your plans. 416-476-3836