Why Theatre?

Tis a fine question ye be posin' mates, an' it's a wee tail o me younger days when the cap'n was but a runt in Pirate High School. See, the cap'n wasn't always the chipper positive type as ye knows the cap'n today - rather more of what ye might call a nerd.

Twas in the 10th year during a drama course that our cap'n first found their voice - discovering a new sense of self, the ability to speak out, be loud and most importantly a sense of creative play - in a free space!

Those essential skills in communication, self confidence and creativity are what led the captain to follow the path that's led them to where they are today! Captain of a pirate ship!

At Pirate Life we're trying to imbue the same life lessons into our performance - we would love for the audience to find a creative space in which they can play unabashedly. A space that helps them develop a voice, self confidence and most of all have fun!

The Season is upon us!

Captain's blog, April 7th.

Avast me hearties, when ye old cap'n gives a gander out the portholes, it would appear that springs not yet arrived, them heavenly flakes of snow fell today again! Blast it be April! Haven't we had enough! Aye, easy ya old sod, tis just the beginnin' o' April, the season's but a month away and the sun shines this weekend!

Our crew's been busy with heaps o' works, lot's o little tricks of the trade be hidin' up our sleaves, soon we be sailing from a new port! Details to come - and our cast is comin' together as we be holdin' auditions all weekend long!

Chin up me maties, spring is truly... almost here and the winds of change on the horizon!