Why Theatre?

Tis a fine question ye be posin' mates, an' it's a wee tail o me younger days when the cap'n was but a runt in Pirate High School. See, the cap'n wasn't always the chipper positive type as ye knows the cap'n today - rather more of what ye might call a nerd.

Twas in the 10th year during a drama course that our cap'n first found their voice - discovering a new sense of self, the ability to speak out, be loud and most importantly a sense of creative play - in a free space!

Those essential skills in communication, self confidence and creativity are what led the captain to follow the path that's led them to where they are today! Captain of a pirate ship!

At Pirate Life we're trying to imbue the same life lessons into our performance - we would love for the audience to find a creative space in which they can play unabashedly. A space that helps them develop a voice, self confidence and most of all have fun!